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How to get a Pet License in Hyderabad? Dog Day Care Hyderabad

Updated: 4 days ago

As pet parents, our prime concern is the health & well-being of the pet. However, in the hustle of life, we often forget to meet our responsibilities & our pets have to bear the consequences.

Getting a Pet License may seem like a bit of extra work at first, but

Here’s Why You Should Get a Pet License -

1. It is mandatory

According to GHMC, it is mandatory to have a Pet License for Pet owners in Hyderabad & renew it every year. If you don't have a license in the future, you may be fined as much as Rs 50,000.

2. Vaccination proof

You do not want your pet to be trouble for others, so vaccinating your pets on time is a must. Pet Licenses are official proof that your pet has been given anti-rabies vaccination & will also alert you of further vaccinations.

3. To find your lost pet

Most importantly, this license may also come to your rescue if you lose your pet. It is much easier for officials to locate your pet when they have access to its identity.

The best part is that you don't have to visit an offline centre or wait in long queues to register your pet; it can be done online quickly in a few steps.


Here’s How to get a Pet License Online in Hyderabad —

The next step will be to fill out a form with details about the applicant, which is you and the pet. Here is a list of documents/information you should have ready —

  • Photo Copy of Vaccination Certificate

  • Name of the Veterinary Doctor

  • Doctor’s TSVC/VCI Registration Number

  • Photo of the Pet

  • Proof of Residence (Electricity Bill / Water Bill / Aadhaar / Driving License)

  • NOC from at least two neighbours

& Finally, a payment of Rs 50 will complete the process.

Each pet owner is extremely concerned about their pet's well-being, and we may make this journey easier for you. ( Dog Day Care Hyderabad)

By Avani Sethia

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